Company Profile


Production of Electric motors

The company was established in 1994, with the focus on small electric motors production. Since its beginning, the company has shaped into a family type of business. The company of 100 employees has grown to a medium-sized enterprise through the gradual expansion of production in the field of cable harnesses for window blinds, awnings and industrial doors, driving gear motors. Becker - Antriebe GmbH, a German company, was the main buyer of the products in the past.

The period of company’s growth was replaced by searching for new production structure, as well as the transition to more sophisticated production programs. All this has still happened while the economic crisis was persisting.

The acquired extensive expertise of more than 15-years has enabled us to apply for a partnership with the leading European manufacturers of special electric motors.

There has been a great interest in short-run production of electric motors with manual assembling. This is the area, where our company found itself. Similarly, mass production of cable harnesses was also terminated and the company has moved to single-part – small batch production of special cable harnesses for construction machinery, aviation technology, truck cranes and mobile compressors.

Steel Spinning

The company’s resilience enhanced during the crisis period as a result of the emphasis on the manufacturing process. Putting the special steel and stainless steel beams into production enabled us to penetrate both the domestic and foreign markets with solar and photovoltaic panel constructions.

The metal spinning has been the newest manufacturing division, which we have intensively developed. The interest in spinned products has increased after special CNC metal spinning machine came into effect.

Currently, the company has 30 employees. It is smaller, but more flexible.