Special Roll Formed Beams


beam for general use


series of beams used in construction industry especially for pipe fixing and building of frameworks and skeletons

Surface treatments of PRW and PRX beam's type:
  • beams made of hot – dip galvanized steel strip
  • beams without any surface plating (according to the inquiry possibly hot – dip galvanized or zinc plated)
  • beams made of stainless steel strip

Special roll formed beams

The manufacturing process of roll formed beams has been capable of meeting the customers’ construction requirements for a particular and desired shape of beam. The beams are made of cold-rolled steel strips, stainless steel strips or even of non-ferrous metal strips. Two forming lines, which include twelve forming degrees, have been used for producing the beams, while the CNC Cutting Line, allows spacing between the holes, is used for perforating. In terms of the input material dimensions, we have been capable of processing the steel strips up to 250mm width and 3mm thickness.

The profile surface finish can undergo either electro-galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing, or they even could be free of surface finish.

News in the surface finish

We have also used steel, hot-dip galvanized strips when manufacturing the non-perforated profiles having the side edges galvanized by the manufacturer. This solution allows replacement of profiles hot-dip galvanizing itself. The ​​U, C and L profiles manufactured this way can be shipped directly to customers. The above mentioned solution has been deemed to be very beneficial for the supporting structures of solar panels and photovoltaic plants.